quantum hard drives

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caltech demonstrated the proof of concept for the quantum hard drives. they demonstrated the use of quantum entanglement based memory to store and retrieve data, which is an introduction to a whole new concept of storage, pushing the traditional optical storage into the history. the new storage utilizes the electromagnetically induced transparency to reduce the speed of light to zero for storage. here is a link to the report.

below is an explanation of the eit as i understood it in layman terms.

electromagnetically induced transparency (eit) is a way to eliminate the effects of the medium on a broadcasting beam. to achieve this, the frequency of the beam of light has to be concentrated narrowly around a specific frequency and at the same time one needs to freeze the electrons at that specific frequency. this happens for example if the electrons receives two or more sinusoidal forces with opposite phases. one of the side effects of the eit is the drastic change in refractive index which is usually close to unity, over a very narrow frequency spectrum, which in turn results in very slow and close to zero group velocity of the beam. various research papers reported the reduction of the speed of light in different materials and frequencies. a result of 50 cm/s was reported, and shown theoretically that it is possible to stop the light completely inside a medium.


amar chitra katha

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one of my hobbies is reading about different nations’ mythological stories; persian, greek, roman and so on are a few of them. one of the live mythologies of the world is the indian’s. by live i mean people still “believe” in it. the stories are not just stories, they’re facts around which people live, and the heroes are their role models. stories are firmly rooted in people’s cultural heritage and in a way it is fair to say that it defines their way of living.

anyway, i was recently introduced to amar chitra katha’s by one of my coworkers. his family is originally from india, but he was born and raised overseas. according to him these books are his only way of learning about his indian culture and religious background. kids usually like comic books and to teach stuffs to a kid using comic books is very effective, as he/she is reading the text while looking at pictures, which helps more toward conveying the idea.

created by anant pai, amar chitra katha is one of the largest comic books series in india. as far as i know the books are all about real mythological vedic stories, epic and fables. i found two of them, “krishna” and “ramayana” and read them as soon as i got them. the stories are very well written, very simple and easy to understand, and faithful to the source. krishna is a hindu deity and an avatar of vishnu, the supreme god. i know krishna from bhagavad gita, one of the best books i’ve ever read (i haven’t finished it yet). ramayana is an indian epic ascribed to valmiki, a hindu sage. ramayana together with mahabharata are two of the greatest indian epics. it is the story of rama another avatar of the vishnu, and a king of ayodhya.

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intel’s first ever configurable atom processor, that combines the intel atom e6xx series (a.k.a tunnel creek) with an altera arria ii gx fpga chip. this way intel opened up a new door to support multiple i/o skus for different applications using the power and flexibility of an fpga, which also reduces the concept to implementation time drastically.

stellarton block diagram from intel site

stellarton block diagram from intel site

intel e6xx series, which uses a 45nm high-k process to reduce power consumption,  was itself a revolutionary design for intel as they moved away from their traditional proprietary front side bus and direct media interface connection to an open pci-e to connect to the chipset. also the other new features of interest, especially for the companies in audio/video production, are the audio and video encode/decode acceleration capability, and 2d/3d graphics in the cpu (graphic media acceleration 600), as well as the memory controller which reduces the design footprint manifold.

the arria ii gx chip in stellarton seems to go as big as ep2agx65. these chips are low-cost family of altera chips using 40nm technology, and come pre-packaged with a variety of interfaces and i/o options like pci-express, ethernet, ddr3 and so on, which facilitate the use cases in the stellarton package.

kontron announced a new sbc using this new chip on a pcie/104 form factor, called msmst. the board uses an e655ct/1.3ghz which includes 2gb soldered ram. the card has pci-e connection as well as altera hsmc connection.


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started in 2003 in melbourne, australia, movember is a health ribbon for the men’s health. a ribbon very different than the cliche and much more easier adapted to men’s attitude and beliefs. movember is a mix of mo as in moustache and november. the rules are easy, grow moustache from the start of the november and keep it till the end of the month. the concept is easier, the change in the look together with the unification of the change in one month raise awareness to the men’s health.

mo bros is the name given to the gents participating in the movember. there are also mo sistas who are the ladies who ‘love’ or ‘hate’ the new looks of the men in this month.

i personally found the idea interesting, there are a few good points about this. from a personal perspective, you change your normal look, which gives you the opportunity to be different for a month, to be silly, which liberates you from all the chains and restrictions the society and your ego put on your shoulder. the other advantage is the main purpose of the campaign, which is bringing awareness to the men’s health in particular prostate cancer. and the last, not the least, is come on, you wanted to try that moustache all your life, why not try it in this month; it gives you the motivation as well as the support; remember you are not the only one growing moustache in november.

below is the official intro to the movember canada and here is the official website.

niagara falls restaurants

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i travelled to niagara falls a few times and i have never found any decent restaurants until the last weekend. i always thought that due to the falls being a tourist attraction, they spent more towards the look rather than the quality, which is very true for most of the restaurants there. they tried to be cheap rather than reasonably priced for a decent food. however last weekend i went there together with my university-mate friends, whom i haven’t seen for such a long time. we had fun there, visited the journey behind the falls (i usually go to the maid of the mist, but it is closed when the weather is colder) and had a lot of fun there. we went to a mexican restaurant called taco ‘n tequilla which was located on ferry street a little bit further and separated from the main strip. the restaurant was awesome, the food was great and the service was one of the best. we had beef chimichanga, beef fajita and chicken quesadilla, from which i liked the chimichanga the best.

if you are also one of the guys that found the niagara falls restaurants a little bit “touristy” then i recommend trying this one.

new books bought

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i bought two new books, “remembrance of things past” by marcel proust and “the bridge across forever” by richard bach.

richard bach is one of my favorite authors. i started reading his books a long time ago. “jonathan livingston seagull” was his first book i read and loved. his other books i read were “one” and “illusions”. he has a magical and positive touch in his books. i remember i read his jonathan book twice, and the second time was right after the first time (the book is very short). i am going to write again about him.

first memories

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ahang asked me to recall what my first memory of a home is. how it looks like and what i remember. she asked me to draw the floor plan. below is the outcome. my home when I was 2-3.

my first home floor plan from my memory

after looking at the plan, i realized that the only parts of the house i remember was the parts i liked and spent time. the window to the kitchen was my favorite part, i could climb to that window and sit in the frame, and of course tv was one of  the objects i remember vividly, i know where exactly it was located, however i don’t remember any details on the look, brand and such. i remember the backyard, where i was spending a lot of time playing.

i reviewed my memories of the time and the next interesting thing i realized was i don’t remember how my mom and dad looked like, i mean i can say how they look like from the photos we have now, but there is no way i can recall their feature in my mind. this leads to a very neat concept; we (especially when we are kids)  don’t know people by their appearance, we don’t know places by the their setting, we don’t know objects by their values, color and brand names…

basically we are not able to verbalize, the way we knew people when we were kids. but now we are very good at labeling people, we judge them by their appearances, their relationships. we categorize them, stereotype them, based on their surrounding, environment, race, nation, size of their nose, distance between their eyes, colour of their clothes, and …

it reminds me of a part of the little prince,

so if you tell them: “the proof of the little prince’s existence is that he was delightful, that he laughed, and that he wanted a sheep. when someone wants a sheep, that proves he exists,” they shrug their shoulders and treat you like a child! but if you tell them, “the planet he came from is asteroid b-612,” then they’ll be convinced, and they won’t bother you with their questions. that’s the way they are. you must not hold it against them. children should be very understanding of them.

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