first memories

November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

ahang asked me to recall what my first memory of a home is. how it looks like and what i remember. she asked me to draw the floor plan. below is the outcome. my home when I was 2-3.

my first home floor plan from my memory

after looking at the plan, i realized that the only parts of the house i remember was the parts i liked and spent time. the window to the kitchen was my favorite part, i could climb to that window and sit in the frame, and of course tv was one of  the objects i remember vividly, i know where exactly it was located, however i don’t remember any details on the look, brand and such. i remember the backyard, where i was spending a lot of time playing.

i reviewed my memories of the time and the next interesting thing i realized was i don’t remember how my mom and dad looked like, i mean i can say how they look like from the photos we have now, but there is no way i can recall their feature in my mind. this leads to a very neat concept; we (especially when we are kids)  don’t know people by their appearance, we don’t know places by the their setting, we don’t know objects by their values, color and brand names…

basically we are not able to verbalize, the way we knew people when we were kids. but now we are very good at labeling people, we judge them by their appearances, their relationships. we categorize them, stereotype them, based on their surrounding, environment, race, nation, size of their nose, distance between their eyes, colour of their clothes, and …

it reminds me of a part of the little prince,

so if you tell them: “the proof of the little prince’s existence is that he was delightful, that he laughed, and that he wanted a sheep. when someone wants a sheep, that proves he exists,” they shrug their shoulders and treat you like a child! but if you tell them, “the planet he came from is asteroid b-612,” then they’ll be convinced, and they won’t bother you with their questions. that’s the way they are. you must not hold it against them. children should be very understanding of them.


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