niagara falls restaurants

November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

i travelled to niagara falls a few times and i have never found any decent restaurants until the last weekend. i always thought that due to the falls being a tourist attraction, they spent more towards the look rather than the quality, which is very true for most of the restaurants there. they tried to be cheap rather than reasonably priced for a decent food. however last weekend i went there together with my university-mate friends, whom i haven’t seen for such a long time. we had fun there, visited the journey behind the falls (i usually go to the maid of the mist, but it is closed when the weather is colder) and had a lot of fun there. we went to a mexican restaurant called taco ‘n tequilla which was located on ferry street a little bit further and separated from the main strip. the restaurant was awesome, the food was great and the service was one of the best. we had beef chimichanga, beef fajita and chicken quesadilla, from which i liked the chimichanga the best.

if you are also one of the guys that found the niagara falls restaurants a little bit “touristy” then i recommend trying this one.


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