amar chitra katha

November 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

one of my hobbies is reading about different nations’ mythological stories; persian, greek, roman and so on are a few of them. one of the live mythologies of the world is the indian’s. by live i mean people still “believe” in it. the stories are not just stories, they’re facts around which people live, and the heroes are their role models. stories are firmly rooted in people’s cultural heritage and in a way it is fair to say that it defines their way of living.

anyway, i was recently introduced to amar chitra katha’s by one of my coworkers. his family is originally from india, but he was born and raised overseas. according to him these books are his only way of learning about his indian culture and religious background. kids usually like comic books and to teach stuffs to a kid using comic books is very effective, as he/she is reading the text while looking at pictures, which helps more toward conveying the idea.

created by anant pai, amar chitra katha is one of the largest comic books series in india. as far as i know the books are all about real mythological vedic stories, epic and fables. i found two of them, “krishna” and “ramayana” and read them as soon as i got them. the stories are very well written, very simple and easy to understand, and faithful to the source. krishna is a hindu deity and an avatar of vishnu, the supreme god. i know krishna from bhagavad gita, one of the best books i’ve ever read (i haven’t finished it yet). ramayana is an indian epic ascribed to valmiki, a hindu sage. ramayana together with mahabharata are two of the greatest indian epics. it is the story of rama another avatar of the vishnu, and a king of ayodhya.

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