quantum hard drives

November 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

caltech demonstrated the proof of concept for the quantum hard drives. they demonstrated the use of quantum entanglement based memory to store and retrieve data, which is an introduction to a whole new concept of storage, pushing the traditional optical storage into the history. the new storage utilizes the electromagnetically induced transparency to reduce the speed of light to zero for storage. here is a link to the report.

below is an explanation of the eit as i understood it in layman terms.

electromagnetically induced transparency (eit) is a way to eliminate the effects of the medium on a broadcasting beam. to achieve this, the frequency of the beam of light has to be concentrated narrowly around a specific frequency and at the same time one needs to freeze the electrons at that specific frequency. this happens for example if the electrons receives two or more sinusoidal forces with opposite phases. one of the side effects of the eit is the drastic change in refractive index which is usually close to unity, over a very narrow frequency spectrum, which in turn results in very slow and close to zero group velocity of the beam. various research papers reported the reduction of the speed of light in different materials and frequencies. a result of 50 cm/s was reported, and shown theoretically that it is possible to stop the light completely inside a medium.


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