a very real fairy tale

December 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

black swansaw black swan by darren aronofsky. the movie was filled with gory, graphic and sexual scenes. the atmosphere was dark, as i can say that the whole movie could be inside someone’s dream, or happened inside a person. the scenes were all exaggerated and to the extreme. an overprotecting underachieved mom, an opportunistic co-dancer, a drastically abusive ballet director, dungeon like corridors and spaces for ballet practice, and nonetheless an exceedingly perfectionist ballet dancer. and surprisingly at the end, all these felt real, they all made sense. i could relate to each and every happenings, all the harsh scenes, the mother, the director, the co-dancer/friend, the bi-polar type of dreams. the movie put me into the mind of every persona and let me think in his/her shoes, doing the same thing they did in the movie. to find out at the end that the movie could be based on a true story with true characters without any exaggeration. a dark fairy tale that happened in the real world, a much realistic but negative big fish, an authentic the fall from a grown ups point of view. the fairy tale felt so real, felt so “in this world” that you believe in each and every part of the movie. you fell in love with the story as it is a dream like (more nightmarish) incident, and at the same time, can happen to you, yourself the next day.

i can say darren is the master of making movies that talk to you, talk to your insides. requiem for a dream was his other masterpiece, although a little bit darker (seriously it is), and with more despair and frustrations, you still think that you know people around you that are capable of turning into those characters.

also another plus for the movie was that it ran very smooth, the heartbeat was always almost at the same pace (close to the top of your lungs), that you never had a “how much of the movie has remained?” moment.

needless to mention, natalie portman’s act was breathtaking. you would never question a single mimic or a single movement in her act. her expressions were very real, you could not doubt the act.

highly recommended, you have to have guts for the scenes though.


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