nothing known as destiny

January 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

sex and lucia, was about how you are able to define your course of destiny, and how your life is treated as a storyline which you can define its path. it says you are the decision maker in what happens to you, although you need a ghost writer to weave the details. bear in mind it needs to pass its due time, aka the patience, and you have to trust and believe in the writer.

the means to reconsider your life’s course was alluded by falling into a hole in the magical island of the story. lucia used it once and the change she was after (i guess) happened almost at the exact time that she was going to give up (she was about to use the hole again at the end of the movie.) moreover the hole was a dark rocky hole that you could not see what happens to you if you fall in it, so you have to really believe in its magic or you have to be really desperate to fall into it.

the first advantage is at the end of the story. it doesn’t finish, it falls in a hole. and the story starts again halfway. the other advantage, and the biggest, is that you can change course along the way… if you let me. if you give me time.

the other interesting aspect of the movie was that most of the incidents were not final, they were suspended to the imagination of the audience. you can only guess what happened; you never know how luna died, what happened to lorenzo, and what happened to belen, and her mother. the same thing is true about the narration; looks like you are watching the movie from the perspective of lucia and her knowledge which is based on her reading of lorenzo’s book. however at the same time it could be lorenzo who is compiling the whole story, or elena.

sex was very highlighted, all the main relations of the movie were based on sexual relationships; lucia and lorenzo, triangle of belen, her step father and her mother, elena and lorenzo, carlos and elena and so on. the only important relation i saw that was not based on sex was lorenzo and luna, which was destroyed at the end because of the sex.

the cast of the movie was amazing, beautiful paz vega (lucia) acted flawlessly. tristan ulloa (lorenzo), najwa nimri (elena), and elena anaya (belen) were all incredible. julio medem successfully mixed their acts into unbelievable scenic settings, which resulted in a very fun to watch movie.


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