a left brainer story for right brainers

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

the curious incident of a dog in the night-timethe curious incident of the dog in the night-time by mark haddon was very addictive and very easy to read. it didn’t have much to say in terms of story, plot, character development and morale, however it had the most brilliant writing style, which was the only reason i finished the book and was happy that i read it.

the book is about a boy with extreme case of autism and his stream of thoughts and feelings. reading the book, you realize that mark knows a lot about autistic children and if you don’t know anything about autism, like myself, all the reactions and behaviours seem to be defined and explained properly and based on an autistic-mind line of reasoning, however there are a few, which he forgets to connect to a cause, like the fact that he does not like to be touched, or his carrying around a swiss army knife, etc.

i doubt the book is very popular among the autistic people, as it sounds debasing and insulting at some points, but i’m pretty sure non-autistic people will enjoy it due to the new style and the fact that it opens a new perspective to the world which non-autistic people will never be able to comprehend.

the only message i’ve got from the book, and i doubt it was the message the author wanted to transfer, was that looking from the eyes of anybody and at the same time walking in their shoes, you will sure do what they were going to do at each moment, and understanding this gives you a world of happiness.


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