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the wind up bird chronicleafter i read kafka on the shore, i fell in love with murakami’s books. i finished one of his earlier and most praised novels, the wind-up bird chronicle, which now becomes my second favourite murakami book after kafka on the shore. you start reading the book delving into an ordinary life of an ordinary man. step by step new events and characters unravels and you are presented with a lot of quirky, out-of-this-world situations, and by the end of the book, you are confused as to which and who was real and what was not.

i love murakami’s style, as his books are very much life-like, at the same time full of supernatural events and characters. this quality rejuvenate and recuperate your sense of believing in fairy tales again, especially if you are too deep into the “real” mundane life’s curriculum. like your own book of life, there are various people and events introduced in this book that at first you do not understand the reason, but as you go forward and dive deeper while pondering upon their sheer existence, you seem to be able to connect the dots and unravel their purpose.

the reality of the book, which i call the superficial plot, contains a lot of sad stories happening in parallel, a family destruction, different detailed obscene plots of war and its side-effects, different gore murder/torture scenes, dysfunctional families, etc. and again like the real world you can see all those people are living their ordinary lives, without the need for your sympathy.

the name chosen for the book makes perfect sense. the wind-up bird is the bird that can be heard by only few characters throughout the book and the moment they heard it, was marked as the turning point of their life, like the epigraph of a new chapter. even the protagonist nickname mr. wind-up bird makes perfect sense as the book is all about his life’s junctures. it is as you are hearing the stories from the point of view of this bird.

this book is what i called an outstanding literature, one that you can easily relate, one that you can live and enjoy, even long after you finished it, and at the same time in my humble opinion is a perspective changer.


you will know it, when real life happens

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living the real life, working the real job, talking the real talk…this is what makes you explore the real valuables in the world

you will know it, when real life happens


the past few days i lived in my dreams.

i showered in the lake and dried up on warm flat stones.
i pumped the water from the lake to the house.
i slept watching the starts and listening to the calming sounds of the waves.
i woke up with the morning breeze and the sun shining on my face.
i drew things.
i read my book.
i helped with the sales at the giftshop.
i drank strawberry house wine.
i explored caves.
i got lost in the forest.
i cleaned the compost toilet after visitors left the island.
i stored food in the basement.
i watered the plants using pails from the lake.
i filtered my drinking water.
i danced in the sun and sang by the water.
i washed my clothes in the lake and let them air dry.
i talked to strangers and listened to their stories.

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divine rhyme

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shen yun

extraordinary dance of colours, elevating orchestral traditional music, full bodied ecstatic content and a total harmonious feast of senses. as if there is no gravity to bound to the ground and there is no bone to limit the movements, the performers were dancing so smooth and gracefully that could mesmerize any living beings. exquisite costumes extended and complemented the flow of bodies.

the name shen yun means divine rhyme and according to ben freed it can be translated as the beauty of divine beings dancing, which relates to what you were witnessing during the show. shen yun dance performances were choreographed based on the 5000 years of chinese civilization, and were carried out chronologically.

founded in 2006 in new york, shen yun is associated with falun gong spiritual practice and throughout the performance there were a lot of hints of falun dafa practitioners being abused by the chinese communist government.

there were also solo music performances by chinese tenors and sopranos.

the show was a complete spectacle and is strongly recommended.

murakami reading challenge

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do you like murakami’s books? if you need an encouragement to read murakami and meet people who are interested in his books go to this website and sign up for the murakami reading book challenge. you can also post your reviews for murakami books and read the reviews by all the participants. according to the challenge with two books read, currently i am between hajime and sheep man! the challenge is till the end of 2011.

also there is another challenge for reading japanese literature in this blog that you can participate at the same time.


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started in 2003 in melbourne, australia, movember is a health ribbon for the men’s health. a ribbon very different than the cliche and much more easier adapted to men’s attitude and beliefs. movember is a mix of mo as in moustache and november. the rules are easy, grow moustache from the start of the november and keep it till the end of the month. the concept is easier, the change in the look together with the unification of the change in one month raise awareness to the men’s health.

mo bros is the name given to the gents participating in the movember. there are also mo sistas who are the ladies who ‘love’ or ‘hate’ the new looks of the men in this month.

i personally found the idea interesting, there are a few good points about this. from a personal perspective, you change your normal look, which gives you the opportunity to be different for a month, to be silly, which liberates you from all the chains and restrictions the society and your ego put on your shoulder. the other advantage is the main purpose of the campaign, which is bringing awareness to the men’s health in particular prostate cancer. and the last, not the least, is come on, you wanted to try that moustache all your life, why not try it in this month; it gives you the motivation as well as the support; remember you are not the only one growing moustache in november.

below is the official intro to the movember canada and here is the official website.

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