movie or animation?

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from up on poppy hilli heard about the latest miyazaki movie and having seen almost all of his works, i urged myself to go and watch from up on poppy hill. paddling my bike for twenty minutes under a light freezing rain to the movies, had a hot cider and proceed to the hall.

i saw the movie in japanese with subtitles which created an authentic feeling and at the same time made it more enjoyable, listening to the songs as a continuation of the script instead of an appendix to it.

my first reaction after the movie was finished was, “no magic?! no spirits?! no ghosts?!” and my first impression was “what a cheesy, mélange of bollywood-hollywood, teenage love story movie, it was!” so I was so disappointed, until afterwards, i thought to myself, “wait a minute, hayao was part of the production, it can’t be that shallow! and then i’ve had my uh-huh moment! i realized i lost those subliminal once in a while hints in the movie to the surface story because all the time i was waiting for some magic to happen!

one of the most prominent features that you could see throughout the whole anime was the japanese collectivistic society as well as the inherent giri (burden of obligation) culture, which is in a sense natural to the story; the mother leaving the whole family to go to america to study, the girl’s over-commitment to the household, and so on.

the other part of the animation that deserve some attention, was the part of debasement of philosophy against science — action against over-thinking. it also goes so far to comment that at least science is about action while philosophy is about stagnancy and waste of time. the coolness of science labs and students comparing to the abandoned philosophy shack, holding some old books and underpants, was a bit out of scale.

the nice scenery of the suburban life comparing to tokyo’s depressed and filthy streets. quiet and calm people of the country versus the hectic, tensed metropolitan crowd. and the main plot’s struggle between the modernist demolishers of the clubhouse and romanticist keepers of it that concluded in the victory of the latter, and the glorious and cheerful chanting of the triumph.

all in all, i guess it was an ok animation, maybe goro is better off making movies instead, or he should add some fantasy into his works. i wouldn’t recommend it, if you’re expecting a hayao anime though.


status update

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it’s been such a long time that i haven’t updated this blog, i have a few books open, and i can’t seem to finish any of them. “the plague” by albert camus, “wind, sand and stars” by antoine de saint exupery, “the nag hammadi scriptures”, “the power of now” by eckhart tolle and my favourite which i don’t want to finish it ever “the red book” by carl jung.

i have also seen a few good movies: david fincher’s “the girl with the dragon tattoo“, “garbage warrior” by oliver hodge, “samurai x: trust and betrayal” by kazuhiro furuhashi, and “australia” by baz luhrmann, and of course a few not so great ones.

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nova perhaps a dream

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nove perhaps a dreamnova perhaps a dream.

watch the movie, submerge in the music, and metamorphose into your next stage…

the secret of kells

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the secret of kellsthe book of kells known also as the book of columba is a sacred book written around 800 a.d. in ireland. it consists of four gospels in latin language, and artistic depictions of divine scenes. the secret of kells tells the coming-of-age story of a boy who completes the last section of this book, by indulging in and leaving behind what was forbidden for him as well as overcoming his fears.

the animation is very unique in terms of the graphics and the illustrations and at the same time is so close to the drawings of the book of kells that brings the audience with whatever background and culture into the atmosphere of the 1500 years ago ireland to the abbey of kells. the sound track is very well selected, it gives a magical theme to the animation.

didier brunner, the producer of secret of kells is also known for the ‘triplets of belleville’ and ‘kirikou and the sorceress’.  tripletes of belleville is praised for its unique and context matching style of animation.

a deep dark well in the field

February 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

norwegian woodnorwegian wood by haruki murakami was one of the best and involving novels i’ve ever read. it was narrated like an autobiography of a college student, his love life, his interests, his challenges and the way he reacts to all these. the way murakami describes scenes and incidents is amazing, you can easily be submerged in the course of the story and observe the happenings from your own perspective, then everything makes sense, no protagonist, no antagonist. all the people in the book are well described. they are ordinary people, a few of them are normal, a few insane, crazy cleans, players, smokers, drunkards. a few love scenes, a few mournings….he wrote them so tangible that you can easily see yourself doing the same thing they are doing.  there are a lot of notions of the social, political and cultural aspects of the japan’s society.

the book is totally recommended, and if it helps it has a lot of erotic scenes.

all of us (by which i mean all of us, both normal and not-so-normal) are imperfect human beings living in an imperfect world. we don’t live with the mechanical precision of a bank account or by measuring all our lines and angles with with rulers and protectors…things will go where they’re supposed to go if you just let them take their natural course. despite your best efforts, people are going to be hurt when it’s time for them to be hurt.

also i found out that they made a movie with the same name based on this book.

organized meditation

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david lynch foundationi was surfing the internet and i found out that david lynch, the famous writer and director of great movies such as the elephant man, wild at heart, blue velvet and mulholland drive, founded “david lynch foundation“, a charitable organization, in 2005 to promote transcendental meditation (t.m.) throughout the world. the organization has a long list of famous names undersigned it, such as clint eastwood, paul mccartney, ringo starr, moby, laura dern, donna karen, russel brand, david norton, and so on.

the campaign goals include funding scholarship for the students to learn tm, military post war and post-trauma treatments, provide help to homeless shelters to overcome the traumatic stress, provide service to american indian societies and health care organization to help with disorders such as chronic diseases and addiction, offer prisons with the tm education services for the prisoners, etc. also the foundation is not limited to the united states, it is active internationally.

in today’s world of fear and uncertainty, every child should have one class period a day to dive within himself and experience the field of silence—bliss—the enormous reservoir of energy and intelligence that is deep within all of us. this is the way to save the coming generation.

from david lynch message on the dlf website

the whole concept sounds very promising unless you look at it from an anti-religion perspective when it has its own controversies on the systematically promoting a type of religion in schools, and boost it in societies like prison and military groups, among vulnerable people who consider it as a solution to their problems.

anyhow, i like the idea and in my opinion it doesn’t matter what you name it, meditation, psychotherapy, anonymous groups, etc. the real quest is to show people that there are solutions to their problems, and to give them hope and a path to follow to reach their goals in life. to give them a new tool, to teach them a new technique and to show them a new path, so that they can use it whenever they need it. and as a matter of fact, i am really happy that capable and influential individuals such as david lynch is providing service to other people to promote peace, health and a better living.

food for mind

January 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

your body is one of the best and the most complex machines you ever get to use and enjoy. you need to learn how to use it, take care of it, pamper it and keep it strong. you have to be cautious about how you are treating it and make sure you are not abusing it, the most obvious examples are foods, clothes and hygiene, however there are things we usually miss.

you know how you are so careful about what you eat or how you wear clothes to avoid catching cold and so on and so forth, the same is true for the books you read, the movies you watch, and the musics you listen to. books and movies are full of ideas, good and bad, full of thoughts, sentiments, pieces of information, all could be categorized as useful, harmful, wasteful and so on. music can be joyful, depressing, relaxing etc. you may not relate the book or movie to your life, but the poison will reside in your subconscious and ends up in a short story you write, in your talks, in your dreams and basically in your life unconsciously. you can easily see the analogy to foods and drinks. eatables may contain vitamins, minerals, and useful ingredients as well as germs, viruses and harmful additives.

the other factor that we have to consider is the amount of time a book or a movie takes up from our life compare to the quantity and quality of the ideas it gives back. which is very similar to the calories a food contains. huh…maybe we can come up with education facts on the books and movies instead of nutrition facts!

remember you have to carefully choose what to read, what to watch and what to listen to as often as you can.

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