divine rhyme

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shen yun

extraordinary dance of colours, elevating orchestral traditional music, full bodied ecstatic content and a total harmonious feast of senses. as if there is no gravity to bound to the ground and there is no bone to limit the movements, the performers were dancing so smooth and gracefully that could mesmerize any living beings. exquisite costumes extended and complemented the flow of bodies.

the name shen yun means divine rhyme and according to ben freed it can be translated as the beauty of divine beings dancing, which relates to what you were witnessing during the show. shen yun dance performances were choreographed based on the 5000 years of chinese civilization, and were carried out chronologically.

founded in 2006 in new york, shen yun is associated with falun gong spiritual practice and throughout the performance there were a lot of hints of falun dafa practitioners being abused by the chinese communist government.

there were also solo music performances by chinese tenors and sopranos.

the show was a complete spectacle and is strongly recommended.


nova perhaps a dream

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nove perhaps a dreamnova perhaps a dream.

watch the movie, submerge in the music, and metamorphose into your next stage…

organized meditation

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david lynch foundationi was surfing the internet and i found out that david lynch, the famous writer and director of great movies such as the elephant man, wild at heart, blue velvet and mulholland drive, founded “david lynch foundation“, a charitable organization, in 2005 to promote transcendental meditation (t.m.) throughout the world. the organization has a long list of famous names undersigned it, such as clint eastwood, paul mccartney, ringo starr, moby, laura dern, donna karen, russel brand, david norton, and so on.

the campaign goals include funding scholarship for the students to learn tm, military post war and post-trauma treatments, provide help to homeless shelters to overcome the traumatic stress, provide service to american indian societies and health care organization to help with disorders such as chronic diseases and addiction, offer prisons with the tm education services for the prisoners, etc. also the foundation is not limited to the united states, it is active internationally.

in today’s world of fear and uncertainty, every child should have one class period a day to dive within himself and experience the field of silence—bliss—the enormous reservoir of energy and intelligence that is deep within all of us. this is the way to save the coming generation.

from david lynch message on the dlf website

the whole concept sounds very promising unless you look at it from an anti-religion perspective when it has its own controversies on the systematically promoting a type of religion in schools, and boost it in societies like prison and military groups, among vulnerable people who consider it as a solution to their problems.

anyhow, i like the idea and in my opinion it doesn’t matter what you name it, meditation, psychotherapy, anonymous groups, etc. the real quest is to show people that there are solutions to their problems, and to give them hope and a path to follow to reach their goals in life. to give them a new tool, to teach them a new technique and to show them a new path, so that they can use it whenever they need it. and as a matter of fact, i am really happy that capable and influential individuals such as david lynch is providing service to other people to promote peace, health and a better living.

food for mind

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your body is one of the best and the most complex machines you ever get to use and enjoy. you need to learn how to use it, take care of it, pamper it and keep it strong. you have to be cautious about how you are treating it and make sure you are not abusing it, the most obvious examples are foods, clothes and hygiene, however there are things we usually miss.

you know how you are so careful about what you eat or how you wear clothes to avoid catching cold and so on and so forth, the same is true for the books you read, the movies you watch, and the musics you listen to. books and movies are full of ideas, good and bad, full of thoughts, sentiments, pieces of information, all could be categorized as useful, harmful, wasteful and so on. music can be joyful, depressing, relaxing etc. you may not relate the book or movie to your life, but the poison will reside in your subconscious and ends up in a short story you write, in your talks, in your dreams and basically in your life unconsciously. you can easily see the analogy to foods and drinks. eatables may contain vitamins, minerals, and useful ingredients as well as germs, viruses and harmful additives.

the other factor that we have to consider is the amount of time a book or a movie takes up from our life compare to the quantity and quality of the ideas it gives back. which is very similar to the calories a food contains. huh…maybe we can come up with education facts on the books and movies instead of nutrition facts!

remember you have to carefully choose what to read, what to watch and what to listen to as often as you can.


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vvvv is a toolbox to simulate and prototype the models and ideas in a very short time, effectively. the tool is very easy to use due to the graphical interface, and drag and drop functionalities. in less than couple of hours from downloading it i designed an audio to visual conversion utility (something like a media players’ visualizations) using fast fourier transform (basically that was why i downloaded it in the first place.) it has a lot of different mathematical/graphical functionalities like a small, portable, easy to use and also free matlab. it also has the capability of running on multiple computers to facilitate the heavier tasks. it also utilizes the direct-x capabilities on windows.

below is snapshots of the visualization.

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reza derakhshani

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found out about reza derakhshani recently. listened to two of his albums and they were awesome. “ray of the wine” with john densmore, and “water from the well” with dawn buckholz avery.

a mix of classical/traditional persian and modern music. the albums have a lot of nostalgic folk music and sufi poems tailored fittingly to the modern music. reading his biography reveals how outstanding this artist is.

“painter, musician and performance artist reza derakshani was born in sangsar, a small village in the north east of iran. being brought up in a nomad family on the mountains had an enormous impact on his admiration for natural beauty and wonders of creation which is still very present in his work.

he started painting at the age of eight under the supervision of his eldest brother who was an art instructor. as a prodigy of art he won numerous national art competitions as well as the entry contest for the art school in tehran to enter the academic world.

derakshani’s years at the art school were prolific, but not only did the school open his eyes to the magnificent world of contemporary art, in addition it provided the opportunity to study music with masters and grand masters. these studies facilitated his desire to explore other forms of artistic expression.  music, by opening a door into the immense and mystical world of persian poetry, was to have a powerful influence on his painting eventually becoming such an integral part of his vision that he made it his second profession.

derakshani experienced his college years primarily as a battlefield on which to develop technical skills and enhance his wide-ranging intellectual curiosity.  in order to enrich his art he believed in pursuing a thorough grounding in many diverse art forms such as: graphic design, book illustration, film animation and calligraphy, as well as studies in traditional and western classical schools of art.  yet it is within contemporary painting that derakshani has experienced true liberation and fulfillment as an artist.  the challenging techniques and mental stimulation inherent in contemporary art have led him to create a meditative solitude that results in pure freedom of self-expression.  his work, known for being diverse and highly original, has achieved recognition mainly for its fearless exploration of form and style.

derakshani values what comes from the heart.  placing no limits on creativity, he is aware that iranian traditions and the long and complex history of the region are a vital part of his vision and are what ultimately determines his identity while being considered an international artist.

reza derakshani’s first solo show at the age of nineteen was held at the prominent ghandriz art gallery in tehran,  following this auspicious debut, he participated in many group and solo exhibits at other leading art galleries prior to his graduation in 1976 from the art school at teheran university.  that same year he left for the usa to pursue graduate studies at the pasadena art center in california.  on his return he taught art and graphic design at teheran university and the school of decorative arts.  although derakshani’s forced migration in 1983 put an end to his teaching career, it led to a period of intense and productive full time creativity that has continued unabated to this day.

after living in new york city for a number of years, he moved to italy in 2000.  yet two years later in his homeland – after the presentation of a major exhibit of paintings accompanied by a music performance – the overwhelmingly warm welcome and enthusiastic reception inspired him to return and create a new art base in teheran.

a vocalist, multi instrumentalist, composer and performer, derakshani’s musical adventure is not limited to giving concerts but it joins forces with his visual arts. very often in his opening nights music serves as a compliment to his art in a form of performance which is more like painting with sounds.

reza derakshani’s work has been exhibited and collected internationally. his recent projects include creating contemporary frescoes in a chapel in tuscany as well as a mansion in the center of london for british singer sting and his wife trudie styler.

derakshani has been featured in numerous radio and television shows and publications such as: abc tv, chicago tribune, los angeles times, l’unita, the juilliard music school paper, parisian, toronto star, new york artspeak, the montreal gazette, mirrob, tandis art magazine, herfe e honarmand, tamasha, farhang va zendegi, bonny film, shargh, hamshahri, yass and and etemad daily papers, corriere della sera, east hampton magazine, rai tv, wnyc, wkcr, wkut, wkpn, npr, voa, kpfk, bbc channel 4, fip and rfi of radio france.

derakshani’s career also includes a variety of collaborations with renowned international musicians, poets and dancers such as: john densmore of the doors, bill.t.jones, branford marsalis, colman barks, robert bly, deepack chopra, madonna, david darling, clara ponti, steve shehan, sussan deyhim, richard horowitz, dawn avery, athena andreadis, gabriel ross, jamshid shemirani, mario crispi, kursh kale, simone haggage, and saam schlaminger, to name but a few.

reza derakshani currently lives and works between tehran, usa and europe.”

urs aebi kunstgalerie

i really enjoyed it, hope you would too.

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